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I love photographing people and details. I've learned that what really matters is not the pictures of the people, but the pictures that show who a person really is. That's why I tend to photograph people doing things together. I direct a little, and pose a little now and then, but I really treasure the opportunity to capture the real moments.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Elena ~ Maternity

May 30, 2008
Victoria Park, Kitchener
Due June 28

I had so much fun doing Elena's maternity session with her & her husband, Andrew. They were hilarious & full of energy. It was so fun to watch them just play together & enjoy each other. It was also pretty cute how they talk about their baby like they know him or her- saying they can already tell this is a good baby.

A little Titanic action..

I like how intense Andrew is as he hugs his two most special family members :)

I try to fit in at least one silhouette at each maternity session.

Elena wanted one photo to show off her stretchmark-free belly, & here it is!


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