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I love photographing people and details. I've learned that what really matters is not the pictures of the people, but the pictures that show who a person really is. That's why I tend to photograph people doing things together. I direct a little, and pose a little now and then, but I really treasure the opportunity to capture the real moments.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dan & Janet & Family

O Family
Victoria Park, Kitchener
July 12, 2008

Janet contacted me about having family pictures done last winter in time for Christmas. Well, life got in the way and we finally got to do her family's session this month! They are a gorgeous, happy family and it was a lot of fun to take pictures for them. We got rained out at the end of the session, but I think we managed to get a lot of keepers while we were there. Thanks, Dan & Janet, for having me do your photos- I hope you love them!

Their 3 gorgeous kids.

I couldn't resist this shot showing Janet's face when it started to pour on us!


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